Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kerjaya dalam bidang Komunikasi dan Art Part III

You will learn to design products ,articles and materials in such a way that are not only functional but visually pleasing often set styles and fashion trends usually specialize in one product or activity from industrial design to fashion design.You probably will enjoy courses in fine atrs,arts and crafts,sketching,cinematography,photojournalism,painting process,printing process,drafting,rendering,silk screen process,graphics.Employment opportunities are best in whole sale and retail trade in florist shops,furniture and home furnishing stores,and apparel stores.Others find jobs in manufacturing industries.Some job opportunities may found with engineering,architectural and construction firms.Government agencies employ some designs.Others are self employed.

Dramatic Arts
You should possess such talents an actor,dancer or musician that you might contribute to the cultural enrichment and entertainment of our society.You will undergo long tedious training and emotional strain in a very competitive field.You probably will do woll in such courses as acting techniques,technical theater,dramatic,literature,drama,speach,oral interpretation,radio and Tv operations,pantomime,stage craft,technical speaking.Full-time jobs are available at local radio and television stations and in some community school and traveling theatrical companies.Artists are employed by motion picture,television and radio studios and by stock companies,theaters and other places where plays or floor shows are presented.

Bersambung Part IV

Dr Aminudin

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