Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kerjaya Bidang Komunikasi & Art Part Akhir

Film Productions
You will study the theory and pratice of film production and the thechnigues used in the medium of communications.This major is for students who recognize the cinema to be and independent,powerful, and unique medium in today's world .You will be called upon to do creative work as well as learn the rapidly changing techology aspects.You probably will enjoy cources in history of films,film production,production laboratory,film aesthetics,film writing,humanities,literature,speech,dramatic arts,music,cinematography.Most filmmakers are employed by private cinema companies at movie capitals around the world.Many work for a time to gain experience and then seek the capital investment to go into business for themselves.Television studios employ a large number of camera technicians and directors to produce everything from soap operas to news documentaries.

Fine Arts
You will draw or design your interpretations of objects,people and nature using a wide variety of substances,from watercolors and oils to stone and metal.Specialization may range from fashion illustrator or graphic artlist to cartoonist.You probably will do well in such cources as art history,fine arts,anatomy ,polymer chemistry,sculpturing,foundry,mechanical drawing,arts and crafts,design drafting,architectural rendering.Workers in this field may find jobs with advertising agencies,printing and publishing films,television and motion picture studios,museums and retoration laboratories.Some artists work for manufacturers in retail and wholesale trade.Others operate their own commercial art studio.
This study embraces the writing,editing,managing and production of newspapers and magazines,involved also are the fields of advertising,public relations,radio,TV and motion pictures.You will learn to interview people,review records,observe events, and do journalistic research.You probably will enjoy courses in English,philosophy,economics,social sciences,political science,writing,editing,reporting,mass media,photojournalism.Many worker in this field are employed by newspapers,publishing companies, radio and television stations networks, ad news services.Some work for private industry or for the government.

Deals with the art of sound that expresses ideas and emotions either classical ,jazz or rock.ou may set goals to appear as soloist,become a member of a quartel, asymphony, an opera orchestra or a dance band.Many specialize in certain kinds of musical instruments.You probably will enjoy courses in music,band,orchestra,instrumental ensembles,choir,chorus,drama,voice,radio and television operation,foreign language,oprea, arranging,directing techniques, history of music.Full-time work is found at local radio and television stations,nightclubs,restaurants and public and private schools.Musician are also employed by community bands and orchestras and some work for music publishing firms.Music teachers give private lessons or work for schools.
Deals with the use of cameras and flm to portray people places and events.This is both an artistic and technical field.You will be involved in everything from taking motion pictures and video/TV to still,portrait,aerial and commercial photography.You probably will do well in such cources as photography technique,photochemistry and processing,photojournalism,cinematography.Full time jobs are found with photographic or commerical art studios.Other employers include newspapers,magazines,radio and television stations,motion picture companies,government agencies and manufacturing firms.Teaching positions may be found in schools colleges and universities.

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